Shockwave is a multidisciplinary therapy used in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, and more recently, sexual medicine.

Shockwave therapy uses strong pulses of energy to create cavitation bubbles that expand and collapse, breaking down calcification, and other deposits that develop in the blood vessels due to age and health related conditions. Additionally, shockwave therapy induces wound healing responses that result in neovascularization and angiogenesis at the treatment site.

Shockwave for Sexual Enhancement

Plaque build-up in men decreases erectile function and sensation in the penis. In women, these blockages decrease sensitivity and arousal, negatively affecting a woman’s ability to orgasm and secrete natural lubrication.

Shockwave therapy breaks down plaque blockages in blood vessels to improve blood-circulation for optimum sexual function and performance. Shockwaves also stimulate tissue development and new blood vessel growth in the penis, perineum, clitoris, and vulva.

Shockwave for Men

After 4-6 weekly sessions of shockwave therapy, most men report increased erection rigidity, restored sensation, and size. Additionally, shockwave therapy has tremendous success in correcting mild curvature for those with Peyronie’s disease.

Shockwave for Women

Most women report increased sensitivity and sensation during intercourse, and experience more frequent or intense orgasms after only a few sessions of shockwave therapy.

Shockwave treatment is most effective when paired with the use of a Vacuum Erection Device.

Dr. Joel Kaplan's Vacuum Erection Devices (VED) work jointly with Shockwave therapy to restore and rebuild erectile tissue and blood vessels improving sexual performance and function for both men and women.

The gentle vacuum pressure attracts oxygen-rich blood cells with vital nutrients to the penis or clitoris & vulva for the formation and growth of new capillaries and tissue. The increased blood-flow also fosters white blood cells to send out chemical messengers for repair, and stimulates platelets in the blood to generate growth factors for healing.

In order to maximize the efficacy of shockwave therapy, it is recommended for patients to pump daily for 10 minutes for 6 weeks after their first shockwave procedure.



Men use penis pumps as a tool to improve erectile function for sex, or as a regular exercise to improve erection performance over time. Men will experience an immediate increase in penile size and improved rigidity after a few minutes of “pumping”. Pumping regularly reverses penile atrophy and sensation loss, and results in improved erectile function, quality and size.

Women see immediate benefit from pumping their clitoris, labia, and vulva. The increased blood-flow to the vagina stimulates production of the body’s own natural lubrication for easy, comfortable sex without the need for gel or lube.

Additionally, women experience an immediate increase in sensitivity and arousal. The clitoris and vulva become more sensitive to touch, facilitating frequent and intense orgasms during sexual activity.

Dr. Joel Kaplan provides VEDs (Vacuum Erection Devices) to thousands of clinics, including providers of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Shockwave treatments.

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