Pumper's Lube (16oz)

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Dr. Joel Kaplan's Pumper's Lubricant
16 Ounce Bottle
Unscented, Water Based

- Designed for Pump Systems
- Improves Cylinder Seal
- Increases Suction
- Prevents Irritation

Engineered for use with Dr. Kaplan's Pump Systems.  Dr. Kaplan recommends this product for all pump users.

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Dr. Kaplan's genuine water-based lubricant is recommended for use with all of our official pump systems. It is specially formulated for use on the penis and scrotum, helping to provide a perfect seal during pump sessions.  

  • -Does not erode cylinders or pump hardware
  • -Easy clean up
  • -Official Dr. Joel Kaplan product
  • -Will not stain


Buy 3 and Get One Free

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