Support Master (Triple Ticklers)

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This unique super stretchy cock ring will enhance your erection, delay orgasm and give amazing penile support..  The tiny ticklers will also provide amazing stimulation to her during love making.  Endorsed by Dr. Joel Kaplan.

Three Shaft "Tickler" Rings
Increases Stamina
Provides Testicular and Penile Support
Realistic TPR
Stretchy and Comfortable Erection Enhancement

Stamina, performance and stimulation!  Dr. Joel Kaplan, the worlds most trusted name in sexual enhancement, since 1991.

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Dr. Joel Kaplan's Support Master (Triple Ticklers) can be worn by any man and will enhance both size and stamina.  Impress any partner by wearing the Triple Tickler, they'll not only get the enhanced version of you, and your longer stamina, but they will also experience pleasure with each thrust.  Dr. Kaplan's Triple Ticklers offer a specially designed cock ring style, it features three constriction rings that are skirted by tenticles of pleasure.  It is soft, stretchy and pliable TPR, it will feel great for you and your partner atthe same time.  Take couple play to an intense new level of ecstasy and allow both partners to experience bliss by wearing this tickler.

Color:  Smoke

Size:  2.5” x 2.5” / 6.25 cm x 6.25 cm


Clean up with soap and water is very easy with Dr. Joel Kaplan's Support Master line, and they work perfect with his Pumper's Lube.  Clean after each use, keep out of direct sunlight, do not store in contact with other products.

Due to the nature of this item we do not accept open-package returns. 

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