Pressure Gauge

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Dr. Kaplan's accurate Pressure Gauge, recommended to read the exact level of vacuum pressure to use when pumping.  Includes:

Industrial Grade Build

The Premium Electric Vacuum Pump is quiet, lightweight, and dependable. For immediate increase in penis length, penis girth, and scrotal enlargement.

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Vacuum pumps force blood into the penis at a much higher level than a natural erection.  Like body building, the capillaries will expand and dilate, breaking down and rebuilding. In turn, the penis becomes bigger and harder.  Dr. Kaplan's Pressure Gauge assures accuracy for a more effective pump session, and better results.  Dr. Kaplan recommends using a gauge with all of his Pump Systems.

  • Always use less pressure than more pressure
  • Do not try to fill cylinders, reach the end of the cylinder or swell the penis
  • Use from -5 to -10 inches mecury

Dr. Kaplan also recommend the following basic guidlines when using his pump systems:

  • Use the pump three times a week for twenty minutes a session, for a period of six weeks
  • Use the penis / scrotum cylinder pump for at least 20 minutes, three times a week
  • Using the penis head enlarger for 20 minutes per session, three times a week
  • Testicles cannot become permanently enlarged therefore it is not recommended
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