Nipple Cylinders (Pair)

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Dr. Joel Kaplan's Nipple Cylinders work great with all of our Pump Systems. They're specifically designed for people who would like to stimulate their nipples and clitoris.

Injection Molded
Seamless and Edgeless
Durable One Piece Construction
Works with ALL of our Pump Systems
Medical Grade Acrylic
3 Month Warranty

Nipple Cylinders come in pairs and are crafted from industrial grade clear cast acrylic.

Further Detail and Instruction Below

Diameter and Circumference

Measurement Instructions:  For best results, select the correct size parts.  All information is private, Dr. Kaplan adheres to strict doctor/patient confidentiality standards.  Before ordering Dr. Kaplan's Nipple Cylinders, you should know the approximate diameter of your nipple or clitorus.  Measurements can be taken with a piece of string and a ruler.  Measure with a string (wrap around for circumference), then use the ruler to measure the string.


Dr. Kaplan's Nipple Cylinders were designed with women in mind, but many men also enjoy nipple stimulation.   These cylinders are meant for the enlargement or stimulation of the nipples and/or clitoris.  Nipple Cylinders come in pairs and are crafted from industrial grade clear cast acrylic.  The airlock release valve at the end of each cylinder will connect directly to any of Dr. Kaplan's Pump Systems.  Key benefits include:

Enhance Your Sex Life
Enjoy Erotic, Sensual, and Gratifying Sex
Engorge Your Clitoris or Nipples
Support from Dr. Kaplan and his Dedicated Office Staff
Fully Expandable, works with our Other Systems

Dr. Kaplan's Nipple Cylinders are also available with his Nipple System, and are compatible with all of his Vacuum Pumps.

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