MY HIXEL Control - Endurance Trainer

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MY HIXEL Control is the #1 Endurance Trainer that helps you last as long as you need to.

      Last Up to 7 Times Longer
      Achieve Long Term Results without Sprays or Pills
      Simulates the Sensation of Real Penetration

Features Highlights:

  • Proven 8-Week Training Program
  • Gamified Training App
  • 3 Year Warranty

Enhance your sex life with the most advanced and realistic device that will get you the ejaculatory control you want while you enjoy yourself at the same time. The MYHIXEL Control is a clinically-proven, natural solution without significant side effects that is designed to help men control and prolong their ejaculation time while also improving their overall sexual health. This solution enables men to fully enjoy their intimate moments and sexual relationships like never before.

The MYHIXEL Control solution is based on an 8-week training program, which is included in a fun and engaging gamified application called MYHIXEL Play. This program is combined with the use of the most innovative anatomically realistic stimulation device, MYHIXEL II.

MYHIXEL Control is the ideal solution for you if:

  • You have a lack of ejaculatory control, from the beginning of your sex life or acquired later in life.
  • You are experiencing issues with ejaculation control, either consistently or intermittently.
  • You prefer to use a 100% natural solution that is completely free of significant side effects.
  • You want to achieve complete ejaculatory control and enhance your overall sexual experience.
  • You believe that stress or anxiety is impacting your relationships and sex life.
  • The You want to extend the duration of your sexual encounters by up to 7 times longer.

MYHIXEL Control is been designed to simulate the sensation of real penetration, allowing you to develop and hone your skills for use in intimate relationships with others. The scientifically proven approach to better ejaculation control involves using the MYHIXEL Play APP in combination with the device. This unique combination creates a more realistic and effective experience compared to manual stimulation.*

Dr. Joel Kaplan, a PHD from Saybrook Institute, is a pioneer of men's products for sexual health and wellness. Since 1991, he has dedicated his career to empower men with the best tools for sexual enhancement and pleasure.

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