FirmTech Performance Ring

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Stay Harder for Longer with this comfortable, adjustable cock-ring that delivers Long Lasting, Rock-Hard Erections for Sex.

The FirmTech Performance Ring is our #1 Customer Favorite Cock-Ring for its Award-Winning features:

  • Easy On-and-Off Design
  • Adjustable Fit
  • “Grows with You” Sizing
  • Soft material that doesn’t pinch

The FirmTech Performance Ring keeps you harder for longer without sacrificing comfort. The soft elastomer and adjustable fit keeps you hard without getting in the way, and is comfortable for both partners.

This specialized cock-ring’s “Grow with You” sizing allows blood-flow into the penis, while stopping blood-flow from flowing out. You can wear the ring while soft, and then get hard and stay hard without interruption.

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