Premium Electric Pump System w/ 12" Cylinders

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Dr. Kaplan's Premium Electric Pump, combined with his custom-fitted First and Second 12 inch Expansion Cylinders. This system is similar to our other Premium Electric Systems, but is designed for 'big boys' who have out-grown regular cylinders. Package includes:

Premium Electric Vacuum Pump
Pressure Gauge

First 12" Expansion Cylinder
Second 12" Expansion Cylinder
Leather Strap
16oz. Pumper's Lube
1 Year Warranty

The Premium Electric Vacuum Pump is quiet, lightweight, and dependable. For immediate increase in penis length, penis girth and scrotal enlargement.

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Dr. Joel Kaplan's enlargement pump systems are the #1 recommended penis pumps by doctors and sexual wellness experts for erection health and enlargement.

Dr. Kaplan's electric pump gives you a convenient, hands-free experience. The electric pump does all the work for you, giving you seamless and continuous vacuum pressure that accelerates size gains and erection health.

The Electric Pump System also includes Dr. Kaplan's medical-grade acrylic cylinders that are sleeve-free and specially sized to allow maximum blood-flow to the penis, giving you the biggest and hardest erections you ever had.

As you pump, you will see yourself get bigger and harder immediately. For permanent size gains, Dr. Kaplan includes his copyrighted, proven enlargement program that is guaranteed to increase your erection size up to 3 inches in length and 25% in thickness.*

All of Dr. Joel Kaplan's pumps & cylinders are interchangeable, so you can buy the next cylinder size up when you outgrow your current size.

The pump safety gauge allows the user to track the pressure and follow Dr. Joel Kaplan's proven enlargement program with ease.

In addition to the First Expansion cylinder that's included in the Premium Electric Pump System III, this Premium Electric Pump System includes a Second Expansion cylinder. The Second Expansion cylinder is placed over the penis and the scrotum, pulling on the suspensory ligaments of the penis in order to maximize your length.

Nearly 100% of Dr. Joel Kaplan's Enlargement Pump users report increased rates of sexual arousal, intimacy, sexual performance and confidence.

Dr. Joel Kaplan's Enlargement Pump System also includes KaplanCare™ Customer Service to ensure that you have access to our hassle-free product warranty and get the product support you deserve.

What's included:

  • Premium Electric Vacuum Pump
  • Pressure Gauge
  • First Expansion Cylinder
  • Second Expansion Cylinder
  • Leather Strap
  • Male Performance Supplements
  • 16oz. Pumper's Lube
  • 1 Year Warranty
* Note that individual results may vary.
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