Premium Electric Vacuum Pump

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Dr. Joel Kaplan's State-of-the-Art Electric Vacuum Pump. Combined with our custom fitted cylinders this pump completes the most efficient, hi-tech, penis enlargement system available today. Includes:

35 Inches of Mercury Power
6 Feet of Tubing
Completely Assembled
Maintenance Free Design
Works with ALL of our Cylinders and Systems
1 Year Warranty

The Premium Electric Vacuum Pump is quiet, lightweight, and dependable. For immediate increase in penis length, penis girth, and scrotal enlargement.

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Unlike conventional hand pumps, the Premium Electric Pump is more efficient because it creates a continuous and even flow of vacuum pressure.  In addition, the electric pump is personally gratifying, "feels great" and is ideal for self-stimulation.  Our Premium Electric Pump Systems are time proven and work effectively.

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