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Photo Submissions

We are always happy to receive photos from pump system users.  In order to ensure that the images are useful in showing how well Dr. Kaplan's system works, we have created a few submission guidelines.  All of these rules must be met in order to qualify for the current giveaway, submissions are also subject to Dr. Kaplan's final approval.  These rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice.  Your submission does not guarantee qualification.

Name and email address must be included.  This information will not be made public, it is for our records only.  Dr. Kaplan adheres to strict doctor/patient confidentiality standards.  

All photos should be submitted to your support representative via e-mail.  Photos mailed in will not be accepted or returned.

Photos should be at least 640x480 pixels.  Please do not reduce image size before submitting.

Include as much information about each photo as possible.  Dates, measurements, your pumping routine, etc., all is helpful.

Your pump system should be visible in one or all of the photographs.  This is to help us avoid forgeries. Submissions without a visible pump system will not be considered for the giveaway.

If there are more than two photos in the series, please specify their time-frame and order (Example: week1photo.jpg, week2photo.jpg, week3photo.jpg, etc.).

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Photos must be submitted by the photographer or by someone who has prior permission from the photographer, and they must be the photographer's original work.

We can edit your face out of the photo, but there should be nothing else in the image that would allow people to identify you (jewelry, tattoos, items in the background).

Do not submit any images that contain violence, obscenity, profanity, illegal activity, or anything else inappropriate for this purpose.

By submitting images, you grant Dr. Kaplan the right to use them on his website, in accordance with the rules set forth in these guidelines.  Your submission certifies that you are the author or sole owner of the material.  If you have already received your free promotional items, and then request the removal of your photos from the website, within less than one years time of them being posted, you will be billed full price for all items, including shipping.  Just have fun, use common sense, and keep it simple.

Thank you for participating!