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Electric Pump E.D. System

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Electric Pump E.D. System

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      ACHIEVE + MAINTAIN YOUR ERECTION: Achieve an erection is less than 5 minutes & maintain your erection for sexual activity.
      GET HARDER + BIGGER: After pumping, your erection will be bigger and harder than your natural erection.
      CONTROL YOUR SEX LIFE: You can use the pump as often as you want, whenever you want. There is no limit, so use as needed.
      NO DRUGS, NO PAIN, NO RISK: Penis pumping is a painless, easy solution for Erectile Dysfunction and does not have the negative side-effects of prescription drugs.
      30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.
      DR. JOEL KAPLAN, PHD: Industry leader in Erection Enhancement Therapy and Male Sexual Enhancement for over 25 years.


Dr. Joel Kaplan's Electric Pump System for E.D. effectively treats Erectile Dysfunction by helping you achieve and maintain an erection for sex. You will get an erection every time you pump. Using vacuum pressure, the pump draws blood into your penis, giving you an erection every time you pump. Your erection will be bigger and harder than what you naturally have, as the pump increases blood-flow into your penis.

By rolling a ring over the base of your erection, you can maintain your erection until you take the ring off. (We recommend wearing the ring for up to 30 minutes.) Unlike prescription drugs like Cialis or Viagra, you have FULL CONTROL of your sex life as you can use the pump whenever you want, as often as you want.

Dr. Joel Kaplan's electric pump gives you a convenient, hands-free experience. The electric pump does all the work for you, giving you seamless and continuous vacuum pressure.

Pumping to achieve and maintain an erection is a completely painless, and even a pleasurable experience.

The best part? All Dr. Joel Kaplan Electric Pump Systems include KaplanCare™ Customer Service to answer all of your questions regarding use and operation of the pump.

What's included:

  • Electric Pump
  • Safety Pressure Gauge
  • Erection Cylinder
  • 3 Silicone Erection Rings (3 sizes)
  • KaplanCare™ Customer Service
  • KaplanCare™ 1-Year Warranty