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Premium Electric Pump System w/ 12" Cylinders

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Premium Electric Pump System w/ 12" Cylinders

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Dr. Kaplan's Premium Electric Pump, combined with his custom-fitted First and Second 12 inch Expansion Cylinders. This system is similar to our other Premium Electric Systems, but is designed for 'big boys' who have out-grown regular cylinders. Package includes:

Premium Electric Vacuum Pump
Pressure Gauge

First 12" Expansion Cylinder
Second 12" Expansion Cylinder
Leather Strap
16oz. Pumper's Lube
1 Year Warranty

The Premium Electric Vacuum Pump is quiet, lightweight, and dependable. For immediate increase in penis length, penis girth and scrotal enlargement.

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Further Detail and Instruction Below

Regular Price: $769.00

Special Price $499.00



FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING & Gift Package with all Electric Pump Systems!

Measurement Instructions:  Select an option for all of the questions above.  For best results, select the correct size parts.  Measurements can be taken with a piece of string and a ruler.   Measure your penis with the string (wrap around for circumference), then use a ruler to measure the string.  The more accurate your measurements are, the better your cyliders will work.  All information is private, Dr. Kaplan adheres to strict doctor/patient confidentiality standards.

Proper Penis Measurement

Please be precise with your measurements, Dr. Kaplan's 12 Inch Cylinders are custom sized and made-to-order.  Due to their individual tailoring, all 12 inch cylinders are non-returnable, non-exchangeable, and non-refundable.

Our Premium Electric Pump Systems are the recommended choice for maximum penis rigidity, erection development and sexual enhancement.  The  Premium Electric Pump (included) is more efficient than a standard pump because it creates a continuous and even flow of vacuum pressure, thus increasing size gradually over time.  Also works great with our Head Enlarger (included) and the Nipple Cylinders.  A Pressure Gauge (included) is always recommended.

Gift Package Extras:
Male Performance Supplements
16oz Pumpers Lube