Premium Electric Pump System

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Dr. Kaplan's Premium Electric Pump, combined with his custom-fitted First and Second Expansion Cylinders, Head Enlarger and other essentials. This is the best penis enlargement system available on the market today. Package includes:

Premium Electric Pump
Pressure Gauge
First Expansion Cylinder
Second Expansion Cylinder
Head Enlarger
Leather Strap
Instructional DVD
16oz Pumper's Lube
Book of Your Choice
Bottle of Enlargement Pills
1 Year Warranty

The Premium Electric Vacuum Pump is quiet, lightweight, and dependable. For immediate increase in penis length, penis girth and scrotal enlargement.

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Premium Electric Pump System

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Regular Price: $699.00

Special Price: $599.00


Measurement Instructions: Select an option for all of the questions above.  For best results, select the correct size parts.  All information is private, Dr. Kaplan adheres to strict doctor/patient confidentiality standards.  Measurements can be taken with a piece of string and a ruler.   Measure your penis with the string (wrap around for circumference), then use a ruler to measure the string.

Proper Penis Measurement

Dr. Joel Kaplan's Premium Electric Pump System is the recommended choice for maximum penis rigidity, erection development and sexual enhancement.  The Premium Electric Pump (included) is more efficient than a standard pump because it creates a continuous and even flow of vacuum pressure, thus increasing size gradually over time.  The Premium Electric Pump also works great with our Head Enlarger (included) and Nipple Cylinders.   A Pressure Gauge (included) is always recommended.  All of our pump systems have interchangable parts and cylinders.

Gift Package Extras:
Instructional DVD
Yohimbe Free Penis Enlargement Pills (50ct.)
Book of Your Choice
16oz Pumpers Lube


Dr. Joel Kaplan's Official Pump Systems are time proven devices that work, they are the most reputable male enhancement products on the market and are the best natural strategy for penis enlargement available today.  Dr. Kaplan's systems are an excellent alternative for men who are concerned about the dangers of penile implant surgery, they also work great for those who simply want to maintain their penis size and enhance sexual function.

Other benefits of using Dr. Joel Kaplan's pump systems:

Promotes Substantial Penis Length & Girth Development
Drug-Free and Safe
Encourages Strong and Healty Erections
Returns Your Penis to its Full and Natural State
Facilitates Strengthening of a Curved Penis
Interchangeable Pump System Parts
Support from Dr. Kaplan and his Qualified Team

For the majority of men, the immediate usage of a vacuum pump will cause their penis to enlarge from 1 to 3 inches and gain approximately 25% in girth.

Knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have from 7AM to 6PM PST.  Don't hesitate to call (619) 294-7777, write us an E-mail or start Live Chat, we are here to help.