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Surgery FAQ


Dr. Kaplan is personally warning you to stay away from penis enhancement surgery.   Dr. Kaplan has spoken to thousands of people over the past twenty years who have had this procedure.  Most individuals regretted having undergone the surgery.  Their biggest complaints included results not being what they expected, pain, penis disfigurement, scarring and no sizable gain.

RECOMMENDATION:  For individuals seeking non-surgical penis enlargement, we suggest you instead try our Premium Electric Pump System.  Dr. Kaplan's Pump Systems are 1/20th of the cost of surgery and the results will be more beneficial.  Most importantly, there are no side effects and no pain.

Dr. Kaplan answers some Common Questions about Penis Enlargement and Enhancement Surgery:

How much and for how long will the surgically injected fat survive?  This varies from person to person, but usually seventy percent of the injected fat dies within one year.  Most surgeons recommend two transfer procedures, performed three months apart.

Are there any guarantees with enlargement surgery?  No.  Unfortunately, no one can predict the amount of fat survival in the fat transfer procedure or the length gain.

Are there long-term side effects to surgery?  Yes, surgery can cause scarring, disfigurement and loss of sensation.

How much larger can I get with surgery?  This varies in every patient; however, an increase in thickness is usually twenty percent.

After surgery, how much time do I need off from work and why must I wear a bandage?  The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and most patients can return back to work within five days.  The support bandage must be worn to insure the skin heals smoothly and to reduce swelling.  Two weeks is usually sufficient.

When can I return to sexual activity after enlargement surgery?  If you had the fat transfer, sexual activity can usually be resumed in forty-five days.  If you had the lengthening procedure, sex can be resumed in three months.  It takes three to six months to achieve maximum erection length.

How much pain is involved with surgery?  Most patients find the post-operative procedure moderately painful.  However, pain can be easily controlled by pain pills.

Is there any loss of feeling after surgery, and how does the penis feel when it is erect? There can be some loss of sensation from the procedure.  When erect, the penis remains firm with a thick fatty tissue surrounding it.  In about twenty-five percent of patients, the fat forms into small nodules.