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Dr. Joel Kaplan's Official Pump Systems are superior to any other product on the market today. You will not find the same quality, value and knowledgeable customer service with any other device.  This fact is proven year after year by the satisfaction of our customers, since 1991.

Dr. Joel Kaplan received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Human Sexuality from the University of Chicago and Saybrook Institute in San Francisco.  Dr. Joel Kaplan has also been awarded Diplomat status with the American Board of Sexology in Washington, DC and is a registered sex researcher and certified sex therapist.  Today Dr. Kaplan is known worldwide as the number one authority and pioneer in Erection Enhancement Therapy.

What kind of person is Dr. Kaplan?  He has the bedside manner of a caring professional, is easy to talk to, and is genuinely concerned about the sexual health and well-being of his patients.

Beware of imitations and novelty items.  Poor fitting, inferior products can rupture blood vessels in the penis and scrotum, which may result in petechiae, hemorrhage, or the formation of a hematoma.  Other problems include tears, an un-even result, pain, and swelling.  Control over the amount of pressure during a pump session is very important, as well as a good fit and proper instruction.  These important aspects are simply not available with the other systems we have tested.

Products advertised using the names "Dr. Kaplan", "Kaplan's" or "Dr. Joel" are all cheap imitations.  Our competitors know that Dr. Kaplan's name and products are the bottom line in male enhancement and try to capitalize on it.  Buyers beware: They copy our website and packaging word-for-word.  Don't be fooled by fakes; there is no shortage of them.

There is no "Official Distributor Site" or whatever they have come up with this week.  This is the only place to get official Dr. Joel Kaplan products, just call and ask Dr. Kaplan himself.  Imitations are not only criminal, they can cause serious injury.

Dr. Kaplan spent years developing his trademarked products, his imitators spent minutes.  Dr. Kaplan likes to get fakes off the market, so if you've purchased an imitation Dr. Joel Kaplan system, he offers a discount on an official replacement in exchange for your forgery.

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You are visiting the one and only Dr. Joel Kaplan store, all outside claims of Official Pump Systems are false.

Our office is located in sunny Ocean Beach, California.  Walk-ins are welcome.

For other inquiries, feel free to send an Instant Message, or write an e-mail.  Our doors are open 7AM-6PM PST, Monday-Saturday.

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